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The Beginning of Zack and Cloud

Author: Willow
Title: The Beginning
Pairing: Zack/Cloud
Rating: G
Word Count: 787
Disclaimer: If only I could claim Zack and Cloud. If only. BUT ALAS! To Squeenix they do belong instead!
Summary: The first time Zack ever met Cloud he was six years old…and there was a lot of paint! AU -uber fluff and fun, happy times 😀
Note: Written in script format for various reasons that are too long and boring to condense.

There is an empty classroom with all the blinds drawn up to let in the sunlight. The desks are small, as if for young children, and then we see a young boy in the corner of the room. He is certainly childish with thick black hair and a rosy face. Looking closer, he has abandoned his broom having been on cleaning duty and is now curiously pulling out a large sheet of paper. Standing on tip-toes and peering over the counter than runs along the side of the classroom, he spies three pots of paint. Red, yellow and blue. He glances behind him, the sound of other children playing audible outside the windows. There is no one with him.
Preparing to jump, he dives up for the counter edge and starts kicking against the cupboard doors as he attempts to pull himself up. He falls down with an ‘oof!’. But he looks up determinedly, his little mouth pursed in thought, and tries again.

What are you doing?

The boy immediately lets go and spins around, holding his breath as he expects to be told off. When he sees a young boy stood in the doorway, he sighs with relief and grins. Putting his hands on his hips he looks away…but cannot resist peering up to observe the blond child now opposite him.

Um, well, I was trying to get the paint.

He suddenly looks up with an idea and beckons the blond child closer.

Do you want to help?

The child freezes and glances back out the door, almost contemplating if it’s too late to go back outside.

Well, er…OK.

And he begins shuffling closer, raising his sleeve to his mouth.

What’s your name?


Oh, really? Wow! I’m Zack.

Cloud smiles a little and glances up at the counter.

So, how am I helping?

Well, I’m gonna give you a boost, and then you can get onto the counter ‘nd pass me down the paint.

Oh. OK then.


Cloud raises his foot, his hands against the cupboard doors so they’re ready reach up and Zack fits his hands under Cloud’s foot.

Alright, on three.

Cloud nods.


Cloud stares up at the counter ledge, concentrating, and Zack watches his foot, ready to grab onto his leg in case Cloud needs more help.


Cloud jumps and Zack heaves. They struggle, but Cloud just manages to grab the edge. However, still with quite a way before Cloud can fully get up, Zack begins pushing his other hand on Cloud’s leg, both panting.

On the counter, Cloud’s hand gets further on and he grabs the edge of a sheet of news paper, not realising that the paint is on top of it!

Nngh, OK, I have to let go!

No wait!

But Zack lets go and Cloud grabs the newspaper hard, tugging it with him as he falls and an array of paint hits the two on the head! They cry out in pain and then observe the mess around them.


Cloud stares at him…and a smile begins to form before turning into a laugh. Zack laughs too.

Your face is all yellow!

And your hair is all blue and red! You’ve got a huge blob in your eyebrow!

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