Son of a Legend

Author: Willow
Flavours: Mango #9 your attention, please.
Topping: Rainbow Sprinkles
Extra: fresh blueberries
Story: Pale Faces
Title: Son of a Legend
Rating: G
Word Count: 531
Summary: Alex dramatically tells the trees a story of Tashvanhai’s most feared robber.

“Deep in the forests of Tashvanhai, the home of our element Earth, prowls a glorious robber,”

London Expos! Cosplay ahoy :D

I’ve never really found a place to display all the pictures I take at expo before, but after reading one of rainbowserenity ‘s journal posts I realised, LiveJournal! I rarely update my journal (if at all) so it’s most likely I’m talking to myself right now, well, that’s what it feels like actually. So anywho, commence photo times! I don’t know why the quality came out cack for a lot of these =/   My camera is pretty decent, but I don’t think LJ likes it…