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London Expos! Cosplay ahoy :D

I’ve never really found a place to display all the pictures I take at expo before, but after reading one of rainbowserenity ‘s journal posts I realised, LiveJournal! I rarely update my journal (if at all) so it’s most likely I’m talking to myself right now, well, that’s what it feels like actually. So anywho, commence photo times! I don’t know why the quality came out cack for a lot of these =/   My camera is pretty decent, but I don’t think LJ likes it…

October 2008

I went dressed as Kagome from Inuyasha. I even made my own costume that event! :D
I went dressed as Kagome from Inuyasha. I even made my own costume that event! 😀

I can’t remember who she was meant to be, but this is my friend bittersweetwish xD

Princess Peach and…Daisey? (I never knew the Mario characters that well)

BAH -HA, Cloud with shades. Hellz yeah.

My cousin and best friend scribblephoenix She is one of the Naruto characters at this event! THE DOOME IN THE BACKGROUND!

Jecht and Auron (Final Fantasy X) with some Sailor Moon and summin’ else cosplayers looking on 8D

Kairi and Namine from Kingdom Hearts with their pet, chibi Roxas.

My friend novusbitch (on the left) went as Larxene. Do I need to say that he’s gay? lol

NUUUUU~ I lost the game T_T
Midna and Link!

Myself and crew moshing around the manga section 😀

Every year the security department dress up at Stormtroopers. I just. I love them. And the uncharacteristic London accents.

Lenne and Yuna

Lenne and Vincent?!

Expensive nylon Zack wall hangings! *shinyeyes*

This girl was in charge of the Pocky store. She was ridiculously cute.

I don’t know what character she is, but damn, she’s cool.

The Hitcher, from the Mighty Boosh pu-CHOW!

Pocky, pocky, pocky, pocky, pocky, pocky!

These guys were really sweet xD

CARD CAPTOR SAKURA~ Aint she cute?

She was so taaaall @_@

Dark Riku, I do believe.

DOCTOR WHOOO~ lovelovelovelovelove

Reno doing some window shopping in his time off.

She such a cool Tifa @_@ She kept appearing everywhere, too lol

Hazzar! Someone from Dead or Alive. I can never remember their names… This girl is pretty brave though. That slit in her skirt goes right up to the wasteband on both sides. That’s a lot of skin to show and still feel comfortable!

Princess Ashe from Final Fantasy XII. Gosh do I hate Princess Ashes, but it’s such a shiny costume @.@

I pretty much glomped these guys as soon as I saw them. They were the first Inuyasha cosplayers I’d seen all day!


Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion (watch it naow). I may have scared her with my crazy fangirling, but she DOES look super cool.

I just thought this was sweet xD "Time for a lunch break on our trip to conqour evil!"

Yuki from Vampire Knight, Rikku from FF X and Tifa from FFVII!

Me, Mish, Mike, Emma and Claire all waiting to catch the train home.

AAaaaaaaaaaaaaand I think that’s all I’ll upload for now. It’s taken me over an hour just to upload the images from one event lol
I can’t remember anything significant happening or attending any planned event (Claire doesn’t like them -_-) so er, yeah. Just lots of fun people dressed up as some of their favourite characters! Mata ne~


1 thought on “London Expos! Cosplay ahoy :D”

    klajs;lfi A JECHT. You never see people cosplaying as him! Probably because he shows so much skin, pfft. xD
    Awesome Lenne! AND THAT TIFAAA OMG. I NEED THAT TIFA IN MY LIIIIIIFE. *__________* And I hate Ashe too, but I can always appreciate people cosplaying as her in her wedding dress. That dress is so freaking complicated. xD
    Also, you’re totally adorable! Squee! ♥


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