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Angelus update

Woo! Chapter one of Angelus is at last complete. I had two severe computer viruses and ended up not only boot-scanning (which took seven hours) twice, but executing a System Restore, which means I lost all of my lines as narrator and Mai Kinase. I thought I had them backed up, but alas. At least I did not lose everyone else’s hard work. I’ve finally redone them but I think you can tell I have a stinking cold. Especially during Mai’s lines. Mitch and I super hope you enjoy chapter one.

View on YouTube
On the Angelus web page

The Actors

Narrator: Willow Wood
Ada Luther: Mizura
Erin Kastoria: Elliot Skywalker
Nic Xian: Robert Wright
Ryan Haynes: Robert Thomas Hawke
Kristian Senft: Bryan Reid
Mai Kinase: Willow Wood


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