Stories, Americans, CHEESE and mostly cheese.

Just to clarify: I am alive.

I’ve not dropped off the face of the earth since NaNo. In fact, I’ve been a super busy bee and have attended tons of classes, finished all my assignments on time (and passed with flying colours), written a bunch of short stories, and entertained my American boyfriend who is living with me this December.

Many things are happening. I love present shopping. I just love buying people gifts. This year (because I have money ((see: ‘thought’ I had money)) I’ve managed to get something for almost everyone and stuff I know they’ll love. I now only have £33 in all the world. Ever. That’s it. Thirty-three pounds. But yaaay! And I still want to buy more things for people, even though I’ve already got them things. *headdesk*

I’ve been showing my boyfriend the joys of England in winter (pfft), mostly Southampton City, the German Market, and strange people I know. Every day is an adventure so far, it feels great! We’ve just bought three lots of different cheeses, French Brea, Double Gloucester Chives & Onion and Jarlsberg. The Brea is amazing. I could eat all of it right now; but I won’t because Boyfriend is cussing at me. I will either die from eating too much cheese or drinking too much coffee, but you know what, they sound like happy ways to kick the bucket in my opinion! Man, I love cheese.

Boyfriend is currently trying to wrap bows on his gifts. No idea why. He’s so meticulous in his wrapping. It puts mine to shame but I actually adore hash-dash wrapping. You know the kind. The gifts people give you that look like it has been trodden on a few times and the paper is folded in all the wrong places. I can’t wrap presents to save my life anyway. Hash-dash is the best kind.

I’m looking forward to celebrating Winter Solstice with the boyfriend this year and introducing him to the family. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has gathered to meet him. It’s quite sweet really, though he’s understandably nervous. I think he’ll enjoy our uber family-lovey-dovey-by-the-fire ways. Happy whatever you celebrate! I super hope you enjoy the winter break.

Short stories: Cannon Fodder is perhaps my best one so far. 

The Peak of his Shiny Cap

A Night With Vesper

Loss of Ignorance

Cannon Fodder

All the Time in the World

Took You Long Enough

The Pianist

NaNo Chapters:

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Quick Post! Angelus and…there’s snow on my screen?

The awesome voice actors of Angelus already know about this, but for those of you who don’t, the audio book project now has an official website as well as a blog run by both myself and Mitch! It’s super shiny and I had a lot of fun designing it. I hope you’ll check out the website and maybe subscribe to the blog for further updates if you’re interested.

Also, for some magical reason, wordpress has animated snow falling over my screen as I type this. Yay QuickPress for the win!