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How to turn an eggshell into Cloud Strife.

You Will Need: *Poster paints or acrylic paints. -Yellow -Brown -Green -Blue -Black -White -Red *Cup of water (for your paint) *An egg (be awesome and get an organic one if you can!) *A small plate (for mixing your paint on) *A medium sized brush - soft bristles *Japanese calligraphy brush - fine bristles ((if… Continue reading How to turn an eggshell into Cloud Strife.


I LIIIIIIIIVE! (This is Sparta)

I have officially survived and completed my first year at university. Wow. I didn't expect it to feel this anticlimactic. They really shouldn't organise for five deadlines to be in the same week. I haven't slept, by the way. I've just done an all night-er in order to complete my last (and worst) essay of… Continue reading I LIIIIIIIIVE! (This is Sparta)