Hey Writers, What’s Stopping You? (via Stigmata Script)

Hey Writers, What's Stopping You? I always love this argument, because so many writers I know make excuses as to why they cannot write or have no time to write. The fact of the matter is, very seldom is it impossible to write. I really love Stephen King's autobiographical memoir on the craft of writing, appropriately titled On Writing. The last half of the book is written after Mr. King suffered a nearly fatal accident while out for a walk. A man who was drunk hit King with his c … Read More

via Stigmata Script

100 Words: For Wards, Waifs and Strays.

This was written by Bardicblogger and I felt this was an intriguing poem, certainly one worth sharing. The original can be seen here.

 The writing prompt over at Velvet Verbosity is FORWARD so here’s my 100 Words for this week.

For Wards, Waifs and Strays

Forwards in time, backwards in poverty.
Money is an illusion created by the masses.
We need it to survive yet we’d survive better without it.
Crazed men chase it,
forever playing the money game,
winning in one hand, 
while losing in the other.

On the surface they’re a success.
Everything is theirs,
yet they’ve never looked beyond their own perspective.
They’re unable to see anything in the eyrie of existence.
Each exists in their own bubble,
a marble held up to the eye,
yet most don’t realize there are two worlds:
a world of fantasy and a world of delusion.

I Expected Better, famous writer.

“Arrangements had been made by his PR man and aide. At his house a chauffeured car was waiting, a rented car. In it were the PR man and another member of his entourage. Johnny parked his car and hopped in and they were on their way to their airport. He waited inside the car while the PR man went out to meet Tom Hagen’s plane. When Tom got into the car they shook hands and drove back to his house.”

Is it just me, or is that not incredibly passive and dull? It sounds more like an instruction manual or a list of events. I wish I could say the rest of the book is any better, but it’s not. I would stop reading but it’s required for my course. The sex scenes are even worse, like a mechanical description of horse sex for perverse scientists.

Do you know who wrote that or where it’s from? The Godfather by Mario Puzio. I get the feeling the film adaption is 100 times better. I’m not impressed by the book, even 218 pages in.