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Eggs, Sex and a Comic Skit

A post concerning egg-art and critique in pictures.

Yesterday was a wild adventure to the sex shops of Soho. Our erotica class was led by the surprisingly knowledgeable Sarah Bailey and now I think about it I shouldn’t be that surprised, she does run a unit called ‘writing erotica’. There was a six foot golden statue of a naked woman in Coco dé Mer, bent over with her breasts on her thighs. It was lovingly crafted. Everywhere. Everywhere. The whips on display were undeniably gorgeous and the leather cuffs with chains scared me just a little, not to mention the ten inch dildos. Ouch. And let’s not forget the ‘ride your partner like a horse – reins and stirrups included’ table.

I’m not sure if ‘enlightening’ is the right word but it was definitely an interesting day. Out of all the places we visited I’d say Coco  Mer was the best and it’s actually a mesmerising shop – a luxury erotic boutique – and the staff there manged to make me feel comfortable, considering the stylish toys they had sitting on display.

I had fun ogling at the imagination of the sex-industry.

Sadly, it was the Big Egg Hunt that held most of my interest. I won’t lie. The sex shops were fascinating but they weren’t beautifully hand painted eggs hidden all over central London. Yes, in London right now there is an easter egg hunt. I found four myself and would have loved to properly explore for ALL THE – ahem, for at least a few more.

This is...
...just one...
Sorry about the reflection

And that’s all the eggs I managed to take a picture of. The fourth one was in a shop window and I didn’t have a chance to stop and capture it (that makes them sound like pokemon. Go! Catch them all!).

I would ask for your opinion on sex shops and ‘have you ever been in any for shits-and-giggles’, but I’m not sure if I want to know.

And now for something completely different and writing/artist related:

Click [HERE] to see the full skit.


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