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Every day I’m DUMBLIN’

I’m a busy cake. I’ll be posting about the wonders of Yevon Script and Squidoo soon. I simply had to share this as I didn’t want to shove it on my ‘Willow?’ page like a cluster-bomb of images.

If you cannot dance like the Dumbledoor you are not invited to next week’s party. This is a notice: practice. I expect all attendants to have a Dumblin’ Dance Off and all those who fail instantly will be spending the rest of the evening with Filch. OK, so maybe just an hour or two. Second notice: practice. Practice in the shower, whilst cooking eggs, as you walk through Diagon Alley, as you wait for that potion to brew, in your sleep. The Dumblin’ winner will receive a yellow rat (we made Fred and George’s buttermellow spell WORK!) and close runners up can have a hug from the Dumblin’ man himself. Please leave all toads at home. Those who drink too much fire whiskey have a tendency to squash them. Yuck. See you soon.

Get Dumblin’.


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