Moar Filming a Short Film

I slept well last night. Even if the rain has made me ill.

After hiking across half of Southampton to reach a graveyard and back, I have learnt how wonderfully nasty passers-by can be. If people believe that walking their shitting and pissing dog around a cemetery is perfectly fine (or letting their children drive plastic cars around the pathways is also fine), then I believe they can make no comment about sensible film students. Fuck off yourself, sir, you’re ruining a tasteful shot.

At first there were only three of us trudging out into the rain yesterday morning. Our director was AWOL, as was our second cinematographer. This left only three nuggets to figure out hi-tech cameras. Considering the three of us had never operated the things before, we didn’t do badly at all.

Until Liam realised he’d forgotten the SD cards. Bless his ‘I think I just died’ face. He ran off for half an hour leaving me and Elijah to protect the equipment from hostile baby-walkers and pooping-machines.

The evening turned out to be much more hilarious as we hired a few goons to play thugs in a back street alley. Thank you Jacob Kisbee (who also knows how to work the cameras – double rescue!) and Vincent Lutz for answering my desperate summons.

A few football fans dressed as a hippie, a Pink Lady and a prison clown attempted to sneak into the action but we unfortunately had to turn them away. I’m sure a hippie and a prison clown would have given the film zest, or something.

So, after ‘beating’ Elijah and Liam into bottle-pulp and tripping over boom wires, running and yelling down alleys, taking pictures of lightning struck trees – we’ve only got one more scene to film. Whoo!

We’ve been to a fair few locations this month and tried to be ambitious with our script, and I can’t wait to see the overall product. I think we will only be uploading the blooper reel to public domain, however, as I’m not sure what the university submission rules are on short films.

Enjoy a few more screenshots:

This isn't a screenshot, but it is a beautiful tree that was struck by lightning

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