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Fictional Characters Who Changed My Life

It's true that reading books/comics/manga or watching a film/TV series can change a person's perspective on things. We can see our faults reflected in others, we can see our virtues, we can think outside of our small bubbles and we can learn to understand others. We can also be inspired to change the things we… Continue reading Fictional Characters Who Changed My Life

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Steampunk Snobbery

Through my travels into the world of steampunk and its not-quite-so-easy-to-grasp definition, I've discovered a shameful stereotype surrounding its followers. Steampunk fans are snobs. I'm embarrassed to learn that this is, for the most part, true. I've never been particularly fond of forums, nor have I cared to stalk other people's activity. I just don't… Continue reading Steampunk Snobbery