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Final Fantasy Flash-Fan-Fiction Contest

Because I don’t already have enough to do, I thought I’d host a contest for Final Fantasy fan-fic writers. I love to see fans hard at work fangasming with creativity, and I love to make GMVs, which I haven’t been making enough of lately. So, I thought I’d combine the two.

How would you like to see one of your stories turned into a short promo-trailer? I can (within reason) make your ideas come to life. I create videos and I can manipulate footage into new scenes – your scenes.

For a sample of such videos check out some of my most popular ones:

And that’s not all. Sometimes I hire on voice actors. If you have a story about Yuna, I have the perfect voice actress. Would you like specific lines from your fan-fiction to be voiced like it’s the real thing? Then I can almost certainly make that happen for you (please note: Zack Fair is the most difficult character to find an actor for, but I can find one if you desperately want lines for him).

A short promo-trailer of YOUR fan-fiction, an old story or a new one.

Flash-fiction must be 300 words or less.
2) Create a unique piece based on one of the images below. Please let us know which images your piece is based upon. You can choose up to two images. Your story does not have to involve the characters within the pictures below, they’re meant to be atmospheric prompts more than anything else.
3) Your work must not be anything you’ve published before or part of an existing work. Let’s make this totally organic!
4) Your piece must be about characters from the Final Fantasy universe, but your piece can be an AU.
5) Post your flash-fan-fiction piece as a comment to this blog entry. This makes submitting your entry for us judges to read 100% easy for everyone.

31st of August (recently extended). This is a challenge to get your creative juices flowing – a writing sprint. Flash fiction.

Myself and Tobirion.

Now pick your image and get writing!

Image #1
Image #2
Image #3
Image #4
Best of luck to all entrants! We will announce the winner as soon as we have decided which is the most outstanding piece. If there are 15 entrants or over, we’ll even choose runner-ups, so spread the word and challenge you friends!

Give it a chance. Who knows? This small challenge may inspire you to write a whole new story…


19 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Flash-Fan-Fiction Contest”

  1. Wind was brushing over Zack’s face and ruffled his black hair. Thick, gray clouds were claiming the sky and he saw lightning in the distance.
    He didn’t think it would still feel this way.
    He didn’t think he would feel at all.
    Yet here he was.
    “Dead,” he whispered, his voice flat.

    He got tired.
    He could still get tired.
    A sad smile spread over his face.
    If only she was still here, too.
    “Aerith,” he whispered, her name so soft he thought he saw the sun come through the clouds just a little.
    His smile grew bigger and he bit into the big, purple apple in his hand.

    “Did you think they would be purple? I sure didn’t.” The voice had appeared right next to his ear, all of a sudden, out of nowhere.
    Zack spun his head just to blink into two beautiful, large, green eyes.
    “Aerith!” he gasped. She just chuckled, big, white wings spreading from her back. She took a grip of his hand and he dropped the apple just before they took off.


  2. She would have her revenge.

    In her small, bubbling cage, Jenova watched the world around her. No blink betrayed that her eyes could still see. No shiver betrayed that she had a sense of awareness.

    They had sunk tubes and wires deep into her skin, scraped off cells and extracted blood. Jenova could not scream in the blue-tinted water, she could not strike out. Was this death?

    A laboratory panned around her, the only thing she had seen since arriving on this planet – since she had woken up after the fall. It was a dark, desolate place. The worst place of all to be trapped within her own body.

    She watched. What else could she do?

    *Humans* filed her DNA and injected it into pregnant mothers. How Jenova despised them for taking her power.

    This planet was hers, and she would have her revenge.


    I hope more people enter! 😀


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