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Deadpool Can’t Get Any Cooler – oh wait, I LIED

When I saw the original Gangnam video a few weeks ago, I have to admit, I was both horrified and fascinated by the whole charade, but not overly impressed. It reminded me of an interesting housemate I lived with last year. I'm sure you can imagine what he was like. Lovely, of course! Then, the… Continue reading Deadpool Can’t Get Any Cooler – oh wait, I LIED

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After a staggering amount of entries (hah), we're ready to announce the winner of the Final Fantasy Flash-Fan-Fiction Contest. I'm gutted more people didn't enter. I was looking forward to reading what people might come up with, fan-fic writers always have a way of surprising me. Perhaps we'll try again in the near-distant-future. You just… Continue reading Winner!