Deadpool Can’t Get Any Cooler – oh wait, I LIED

When I saw the original Gangnam video a few weeks ago, I have to admit, I was both horrified and fascinated by the whole charade, but not overly impressed. It reminded me of an interesting housemate I lived with last year. I’m sure you can imagine what he was like. Lovely, of course!

Then, the internet spread word of the Gangnam terror and some wonderfully strange, brave and hilarious nutjobs created this:

I’m sure it’s old news to you by now, but I just wanted to add it to my blog. I feel like it belongs here.


After a staggering amount of entries (hah), we’re ready to announce the winner of the Final Fantasy Flash-Fan-Fiction Contest. I’m gutted more people didn’t enter. I was looking forward to reading what people might come up with, fan-fic writers always have a way of surprising me. Perhaps we’ll try again in the near-distant-future.

You just lost The Game, by the way.

And so, the winner of 2012 is…


Congratulations, Steffi! Please send me an email at: so we can dicuss the details of your upcoming trailer. You’ll need to tell me:

– Fandom: what are you writing for?
– Characters: who are you are writing about?
– Summary: what’s the basic premise of your story?
– Actors: are there lines from your story you want read out loud?
– Details: what do you want to see happen in the trailer?

And, last but not least, I owe Tobi a special thank you for all her help. You are wondrous, Tobi.