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After a staggering amount of entries (hah), we’re ready to announce the winner of the Final Fantasy Flash-Fan-Fiction Contest. I’m gutted more people didn’t enter. I was looking forward to reading what people might come up with, fan-fic writers always have a way of surprising me. Perhaps we’ll try again in the near-distant-future.

You just lost The Game, by the way.

And so, the winner of 2012 is…


Congratulations, Steffi! Please send me an email at: so we can dicuss the details of your upcoming trailer. You’ll need to tell me:

– Fandom: what are you writing for?
– Characters: who are you are writing about?
– Summary: what’s the basic premise of your story?
– Actors: are there lines from your story you want read out loud?
– Details: what do you want to see happen in the trailer?

And, last but not least, I owe Tobi a special thank you for all her help. You are wondrous, Tobi.


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