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Why I Hate Your Hero

An old post but one that is still grand. Read the rest for amusement and thought-food. What is it about teenage characters that turns people off? What tropes are tiresome and we should be aware of when writing? Mitch breaks a few down for us.

Mitch K. Allan

This post contains swearing.


This will probably be the first of a series. There’s a lot of things I hate about heroes. So this shall be hesitantly titled:

The Teen Edition

This is a list of problems that crop up a lot – in both published and unpublished fiction. Some are just personal bugbears, most are just bad writing; all of them make me lose any sympathy I had for your protagonist, and thus, your story.

1. The Mirror

Oh, God, the mirror. Thank God for the mirror, huh? How else would I be able to get a list of your character’s facial features? Every single one. As if, just this morning, they have finally noticed their own avatar they’ve been using their whole lives for existing on Planet Earth. Gee, thanks, Mirror.

If it’s a girl, don’t forget to mention how she think she’s not exactly pretty –…

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