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Sexism At Fantasy Book Cafe

There’s nothing quite like a blog that intelligently points out all of the world’s wrongs. Particularly sexism. Foz’s “Christ on a bicycle” moment is my favourite.

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Warning: all the rant.

As someone who talks a lot about sexism in general, but particularly with reference to SFF and fandom, I’m often frustrated by the fact that many people either don’t understand what sexism is, or actively disagree that it still goes on: not just because their lack of understanding makes it harder to explain why Hollywood’s predisposition towards failing the Bechdel test is symptomatic of wider social problems (for instance), but because it means that, more often than not, before I can discuss the issue at hand – be it the treatment of women in gaming or the insertion of unnecessary sex scenes into HBO’s adaptation of Game of ThronesI’m forced to run through the conversational equivalent of Sexism 101 in order to get my interlocutor onside. Now, being as how much of modern sexism is insidious and subtle, up to a point, I’m fairly…

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Religious Reformation in Dragon Age II and Final Fantasy X

Before we can explore the discourse surrounding the theme of religious reformation in the videogames Final Fantasy X (Square, released in Japan 2001) and Dragon Age II (BioWare, released universally in 2011), it is important to define what is meant by 'reformation'. The Collins dictionary definition is, '1. improve 2. reconstruct - vi. 3. abandon… Continue reading Religious Reformation in Dragon Age II and Final Fantasy X

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Evangelion Manga Reviews: Apocalypse and Beaches

What are the spin-off mangas like? Are you a fan of the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion? Do you want to know what the spin-off mangas are like? Then this review is for you! I'm a fan of the original series and most of its varing manifestations. I was recently surprised to discover that… Continue reading Evangelion Manga Reviews: Apocalypse and Beaches

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Fifty Shades of Feminism

This has to be the best "Fifty Shades" marketing pun out there. That's it, they don't get better or more tongue in cheek than this. Now stop. But I'm not posting this to rage about marketing puns, or Fifty Shades of Gray. I want to share with you a new book. A fantastic book. A… Continue reading Fifty Shades of Feminism

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Final Fantasy Voice Actors Recast

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already heard about Final Fantasy Still - a spin off Final Fantasy series on YouTube; featured by Machinima, written and directed by Christian Sekhanan. It's an incredible achievement with over 40 voice actors and hundreds of hours poured into animation production. After the launch of season… Continue reading Final Fantasy Voice Actors Recast