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GISHWHES with the GisharksLovesFeatherySquad

What an exhausting week. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen statuses like, "Off to make lingerie out of toast," and a lot of you might still be wondering but what the hell is GISHWHES and the purpose of all this weirdness? Hello. I'm Willow, and this is my second year of doing… Continue reading GISHWHES with the GisharksLovesFeatherySquad

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Hollywood and Western Ideology

A discussion on whether Hollywood films "invariably reinforce Western ideological values" and to what extent. As Hollywood was the leading film industry during the development of early cinema, it is not that surprising that it still dominates the market. The culture it portrays is over-saturated in European cinema, in the sense that its stereotypes are… Continue reading Hollywood and Western Ideology

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6 Ways for Writers to Procrastinate and Still be Productive!

Writing a novel or a short story is challenging at the best of times. There's plot holes to consider, bathrooms to be cleaned, food to be eaten and, sometimes, motivation to be found. I've been writing novels for the past seven years and yet I still suffer from chronic procrastination. When my Deadline disappears I… Continue reading 6 Ways for Writers to Procrastinate and Still be Productive!