The #NaNoWriMo Week One Quizz!

Hello, buccaneers! By tomorrow morning, week one of NaNoWriMo will be trailing in the dust behind us and then begins the week two push. But let’s take a five minute break. I mean, well freaking done for all the words you’ve written. Phew, imagine if you’d never started? You’d really be nowhere. So let’s stop and appreciate what we’ve done so far…

Bitch, I'm fabulous1) First thing’s first: how’s your wordcount?
I’m at 15,061 words. I’m just throwin’ them down, bitches.

2) What’s your story about, in one sentence?
A woman rescues coma patients by entering their dreams.

3) Did you plan?
I plan my bedtime, my day to day routine—you bet your ass I planned. I’ve got six key points in the story that are driving me forward, like exciting bits of chocolate I can’t wait to smear all over my face. Uh…

4) Has a side character spiralled into the plot and started to become more permanent that expected?
Dude, apparently Tomoya is childhood friend’s with my main character. They kept that one DOWN LOW. It all came out the woodwork in chapter six, I tell ya. He’s kinda cute though, so I don’t mind.

5) Is there a type of character or little thing that you always write?
I always have (what I’ve started to call) a “pink character”. They’re not a giant marshmallow, but something about their personality, their spirit, their likes, or on their person is pink. And they’re probably cute but stubborn. This year, one of the characters has pink hair-tips.

6) Has anyone died yet?
Haahahahahahahahahahaha. I killed the MC’s husband on page one. Does that even count? I’m debating whether or not to kill off Tomoya next…

7) Are any side characters flirting with each other?
I can’t make them STOP. Down, Bessies. This ain’t about you.

Tell me your answers in the comments, and then stop procrastinating. Get back to writing. GO, GO, GO!

i can't do it

Bloodshot Buck: new sci-fi series by Willow and Mitch

bloodshot_rec_01Humanity is no longer alone, and they’re evolving, as two women struggle to cope with their duties in a new frontier.

by W. H. Wood and Mitch K. Allan

Look at that beautiful cover. It’s hard to believe it’s the cover of our first published series, currently airing on Big World Network.

Since an alien migrant fleet entered the Local solar system human technology has improved, their colonies on Mars have expanded, but their suspicion and reluctance to share resources with the migrant fleet has never abated.

In an attempt at truce, the migrant fleet have agreed to share their DNA with human marine candidates. Those who survive the cellular fusion are now part of a new, space frontier army; trained to kill with a drop of blood.

EVA BUCK is among the newest recruits and her induction into the synth army takes a dangerous turn when her instructor, NENI-LOHI PROUT, does the unthinkable.

Content Rating: 18 (hence the 18 stamp in the corner!)

GUYS, I’M SO EXCITED. I mean, cover art. That means this is official business! The BWN creative director, Mario Hernandez, and artist Corrie took one of my scrappy sketches and turned it into something awesome:

Neni and Evabloodshot_squ_01I mean look at the difference. Unf. I couldn’t be more grateful to work with a company like Big World Network. They’re hardworking, generous, creative and fair. It’s a thrill to publish with them and, if you’re not already subcribed to their ever growing library, I hope you’ll consider it!