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If You Say You Don’t Collect, I Won’t Believe You!

I’m pretty sure the majority of us collect something. Ranging from software, hardware, fine china, yards of fabric, pillows, plushies, or books – there’s a collector in all of us. Some people are pretty adamant that they don’t collect anything, but the harder they think, sometimes they start to realise that, actually, oh shit…I Collect A Thing.

cat in trunk by alexas-fotos
Photo by Alexas_Fotos
Collecting is like comfort eating. It’s a pat on the back for hard work, or a general sense of self-gratification. Some of us only collect stuff because we can’t resist a good bargain, so we collect eclectically try saying that ten times fast , others just really like the shape and glow of glass bottles (i.e: myself) and seeing an aesthetic grow in size. Some of us know when “enough glass bottles is enough,” aaaaaand some of us will never get enough.

People who buy books, music, games, and figurines for instance are able to easily collect a metric-ton of [item] because those items are fairly easy to organise and store. You can have ceiling-to-floor collections and still have room for furniture. I mean, not indefinitely, but you all know the image of a collector who’s covered almost every wall-inch of their house with films, or books, or general items that slot snugly together in uniform rows.

I know a man in his 60s who has been collecting CDs all his life. His home is ram-packed with music. Thanks to the digital age, he can now buy whole terabytes of music and still have room to sleep at night! I have seen a few duplicates around his home though… Eek!

Book collector & avid reader: twitter user banjaxedfae

I’ve gone through phases of collecting, like I used to collect china (mostly figurines) as a little girl. We’d trot along to the local market or a boot-sale, and I’d spend my pocket money on ladies in pretty dresses or cats being cute. Later, it was Polly Pockets. Then glass bottles. All of which I still have in the attic. It’s redonculously hard to get rid of collections, right? You spent so much time gathering all the pieces, and the ones you just couldn’t let walk away.

Now, I collect books, original art and RPG video games, like, not even intentionally. I simply want to get involved with all those juicy stories. Most recently I’ve started collecting Williamson tea tins. They are sooo beautiful. It is super hard not to throw all my money at every elephant design out there.

Gotta catch ’em all.

Tell me that you don’t collect something and I won’t believe you. Unless your name is Garrett Gee and you sold your house and all your possessions because SnapChat gave you $54 million for an app and now you’re travelling the world with your family.

So, come on. What do you collect?


6 thoughts on “If You Say You Don’t Collect, I Won’t Believe You!”

  1. I have a thing for glasses. Not the type you wear, the type you drink from. I love having the right glass for the right drink. Sparkling crystal, nothing quite like drinking from a good quality, sexy glass :).
    I hasten to add, please don’t buy me any as gifts, I am trying to refrain from buying anymore (at least for a while anyway) with two glass cabinets full of the damn things, and loving them all so can’t part with any!
    If I gave up drinking I wouldn’t need them, but would probably still want them 🙂
    I don’t see the gold elephant…did you let that one slip by?

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    1. It is hard to resist buying you glasses. You still have some to claim at 22, don’t you? But yes. That feeling of sentimental attachment to your collection is in all of us, somewhere, for something.

      I did get the gold elephant! But it didn’t arrive in time for this photo. I should update it. XD


  2. My grandfather once made the mistake of telling someone he didn’t collect anything — but that if he -had- to? It would be turtles. Fast forward to two decades after his death: my mom’s house is STILL full of all the turtles people started giving him after he made that declaration. (They’re gifts, see?? Can’t throw away a gift! #likefatherlikedaughter)

    Those elephant tins are complete amazeballs, btw.

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    1. Oh my days, that’s intense. Turtles must be tricky to look after! And to collect them? That is the weirdest collection I’ve heard so far, haha. Thanks for telling me. I think collections can say a lot about a person. 😀

      Honestly, those elephant tins have become an addiction. I’ve gotta learn some self-control again!

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      1. Oh sorry — point of clarification! Not LIVE turtles. Everything BUT live turtles, seems like: turtle sculptures, turtle doorstops, turtle jewelry, turtle-shaped soaps, tiny turtles made out of ceramic and giant turtles cast out of bronze, turtle yard art, turtles carved out of stone, even turtle porn (knickknacks that when you turn ’em over, their undersides are carved into the shape of a woman’s naked torso — thankfully, tho, there’s actually only one of these in the collection). So while a little weird, perhaps, not nearly so challenging as you were picturing!

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        1. Hahaaaa, okay, that makes a hell of a lot more sense. I was picturing a small-time turtle farm and its reluctant keeper. “I dunno, mate, people just keep giving them to me. What can you do but build a sanctuary?”

          I like the assortment of turtle collectibles though. At least it was varied! Sort of…

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