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The Week in Recipes: I need to accept this food theme, don’t I?

You know you’re blog is spiralling beyond control when a customer comes into work and says, “I didn’t know you had a food blog!” Aha. Yup. For now.

Today I was so stressed about my agent’s fluctuating feedback on the ending of my novel, I ate nothing but chocolate and pancakes as I awaited his phone call, knowing that all I could tell him was: I have found no answers since you called me last week. Luckily, I started my day with Grace & Frankie, which is quickly becoming my new Netflix addiction.

I think we unintentionally ate vegetarian almost every day last week. We just love our veggies.


Photo 28-03-2017, 21 39 11
I was tired almost every moment this week. Soz for the shaky picture.

Pasta with Tomato & “Hidden Veg” Sauce

This took a lot longer to make than I was anticipating, for some reason. Stewing the vegetables took a long time. Not normally my style, because that means paying attention to some degree. Somehow this tasted creamy, despite being 100% so vegetable I’m surprised it didn’t grow roots in the bowl. Tasty. But I won’t be doing this again soon because it took soooo loooong.


It felt like a crime to take a picture of bloody beans on toast.


Photo 30-03-2017, 20 49 48
I remembered to take my own picture this time, whoopie!

Asparagus and New Potato Frittata

Genuinely, this is super good, so eating this again was awesome. And easy. Also, if you require gluten-free meals, this one is a winner.


I shall call this Stock Photo la Willow’s Choice.

Udon Noodle Soup

I’ve lost count how many times we’ve eaten this now. So cheap. So easy. So DELICIOUS. Have you made it for yourself yet? We actually made it with soba noodles this week. Noodles are noodles.


We went to visit my cousin who fed us chicken and suet dumplings, which was yummy. I was also so hungry I ate it all before realising I hadn’t taken a picture. I couldn’t tell you how she made it anyway.


Photo 02-04-2017, 21 02 49
I feel hungry looking at this again…

Chorizo & Rosemary Pearl Barley Risotto

This took longer than I would have liked. I forget risotto takes TIME. But holy moly I’d make this again. It tasted gorgeous, even as lunch the next day. If you don’t feel tempted by the other recipes in this post, you should be tempted by this one. New found favourite.


Photo 03-04-2017, 19 28 41
I am a bowl.

Kidney Bean Curry

Bung it all in one pot and cook it up, baby. I’m not a huge fan of BEANS, in general, so this lacked something special to make this a winner. I’m not a curry expert though, I couldn’t figure out what that missing “something” might be. This is easy though and it is nice. Maybe it needed pesto, or worcester sauce?

Anyway, let’s wrap this up sharp because I am falling asleep on my keyboard after a healthy dinner of CHEESE, grapes and radishes at my Grandmama’s. Apparently Grandad won’t stop buying slabs of various cheeses. What’s a grandkid supposed to do?

Last week cost us £36, that’s £18 between two people. Awesome! It is also worth mentioning that the week before we bought a SACK of onions, since we eat so much of the stinkers. We also have a mega bag of rice and pasta, meaning we don’t have to buy those very regularly either.

BUT GUESS WHAT. We managed £16 for this week’s shop. For the whole lot. But we are also eating like mice on a cardboard box. Until next time!



2 thoughts on “The Week in Recipes: I need to accept this food theme, don’t I?”

    1. Thank you! Please let me know what you do and don’t like.

      I look up “cheap and easy” on BBC Good Food, or pilfer things from the free Food Lover magazines at work, OR steal recipes from friends who show me how to throw two bits of bread together and make a 5* casserole in ten min.


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