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The Week in Recipes: no money

We’re heading to Turkey today, but while I’ve got five minutes spare I thought I’d whap up the food post I didn’t do yesterday, I know you’re dying to see what this week’s millennial diet consisted of.

Also, don’t worry about the cat, she’s going to be loved and looked after by my siblings, yaay!


Photo 07-04-2017, 19 22 41
I don’t remember eating this.

Mushroom and Rice One-Pot

SO good, and so damn easy we had to start our week with this one. Packed full of things good for body and soul, while tasted like things your parents should have cooked for you as a child.


Looks pretty sad. Actually, pretty tasty.

Frozen Cauliflower Things

I mentioned last week that we’re cat-watching for Aaron’s parents. Well…we kind of pinched something from their freezer. Morrisons “Cauliflower Cheese Grills“. They tasted lush, actually. Add some fried edamame beans in salt and chilli, some scrambled egg…a very cheap dinner.


It’s a good thing I’m not phased by presentation.

Random Soup Thing

I just found whatever veg was in the fridge and stuck it in my soup maker.

  • 4 new potatoes
  • 1 head of broccoli
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 onion
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes
  • Probably something else
  • Chicken stock

I cooked them on ‘chunky’ setting. When it finished, I added strips of cooked chicken and whizzed it all together into a nice mush. Genuinely tasty.


Photo 14-04-2017, 19 52 53
If pasta wasn’t so filling I’d have eaten everyone’s serving.

Aaron and I once made this because it was literally all we had to eat, but it turned out so good we plan to make it now. We had a couple of friends over by chance, which made this meal all the better because it’s so simple to make. Chop and fry some onion. Garlic too, if you want? Add chopped bacon. Cook your tagliatelle. Mix altogether with tomato pesto. Sprinkle with cheese. Lovely.



We went and had pizza with Aaron’s parents cat and watched Mad Max: Fury Road for the first time. An amazing film.


Photo 16-04-2017, 20 18 26
Again. Presentation = nil but don’t be FOOLED.


Do not be fooled. It was delicious. Also, I felt like I was actually eating something really good for me. We used pre-cooked chicken instead of bacon though.


Photo 17-04-2017, 20 31 47


I make these at work so often I feel pretty nifty to be able to make them at home like *clicks fingers*. Filled with finely chopped cabbage, tomato, carrot, mushroom, spring onion, garlic and ginger, mixed with soy sauce. Dipping sauces are sriracha and soy. Dough is made of flour, water and sesame oil. Dumpling steamed for 7 minutes and then fried until the bottom is golden brown. If you want a more instructive peek into making gyoza, you can find cooking methods on YouTube.

I don’t know how much the shopping cost. I’ve lost the receipt and I’m currently wedged in back of a car, between my mother and step-father, on the way to the airport. I hope hitting “publish” won’t bugger up the formatting of this post (I laid it out on my laptop previously, tra-la-la), but if it all looks wonky. I’m sorry!

I think this came to £25 though. EAT CHEAP WHOO.


9 thoughts on “The Week in Recipes: no money”

          1. It’s a friend’s horse, for which she throws a giant BYOF (“bring your own friend”) party every year. Annie the Horse regretfully does not attend in person — in horse?? — but we always sing her a song, blow out candles, the whole shebang.

            And there will definitely be pictures! I just gotta figure out how to outdo — or at least *match* — cakes I have brought in the past. (Which, should you be at all interested in!, you can take a peek at here: )

            Any suggestions gratefully accepted! 😉

            Liked by 1 person

            1. You mean to tell me this party isn’t held IN the stables? Downright disappointing. Does the horse get a cake made of hay and oats and biscuit? That’s cute though, and any excuse for lots of cake. I’m terrible at baking, but we did successfully once make double chocolate orange brownies. We got the recipe from a book, but I’m sure you can find something similar online!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Chocolate + orange = all good things!

                Yes, afraid it’s not a party held in a stall! Annie and her flatmates, Larry and Wizard, get a touch stressed by large crowds at close range and are prone to resolving their anxiety by biting. (Also, are horses deathly allergic to chocolate or is that just dogs?) Regardless, you are quite right about the unfairness of it all. Perhaps I should take a page from your book and whip up an equine-approved Some Cake Thing for the birthday girl…

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Aw, that’s a shame, but probably for the best then. Google tells me that chocolate isn’t actually bad for horses! But it does give them superpowers (it’s banned from racing horses) and one of the chemicals stays in their body for 20 hours! 😱 Have fun baking. I have arrived at the airport. I look forward to seeing what you create 😀

                  Liked by 1 person

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