Remember the EU Referendum and What it Means for the General Election

For many young people and immigrants in particular they were heartbroken when the UK voted to leave the EU. 49% of the population who bothered  to vote  chose to remain. What’s more, many were shocked the leave vote actually won.

Don’t trust the polls.

There was an air of complacency. “We’ll never vote to leave, besides, all the polls are in favour of us remaining.” So a large percentage of people didn’t bother to vote, since they hadn’t participated in the statistics claiming we’d never leave – clearly other people were doing it for us.

We’re leaving the EU, and that’s that. I’m not here to complain about it.

I’m saying we’ve got to learn from the event. If all those people who wanted to remain but didn’t vote had done so, the result might have been different.

Polls are starting to show that Labour are gaining rapid popularity and beating the conservatives.

Don’t believe them. Do you know who mostly uses the polls? Young people who know how to use the internet but aren’t registered to vote.

The highest turn-out group of voters in the last UK general election were age 65+, the majority of whom voted Conservative. They also did not contribute to polls, which made the data unreliable.

Don’t believe the polls. Keep talking to people. Register to vote and ACTUALLY VOTE. You don’t even have to leave your house. You only have a couple of days left to register.


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