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A World Where Our Family Must Die

The purpose of the Thai commercial embedded below is for a communication technology that is hoped to improve living conditions across Thailand.

However, when I watched it, as a UK citizen who only has to pay about £11 tax for unlimited health care, this ad made me appreciate the NHS even more. Watch the commercial below, because this is why we shouldn’t privatise the NHS or, as written in the Conservative manifesto, make immigrants pay higher tax for health care or have none at all.

Imagine having to let your father die because you could not pay the medical bills. Imagine having to sell your home as the only possible solution. Imagine being an immigrant who works and lives in the UK, like any other born citizen, and not being allowed the same rights.

Imagine what kindness and compassion could do for each other if sectors of the world started acting like healthcare is something that everyone deserves and is, in fact, possible without making families bankrupt or reducing human life to ££/$$ signs. 


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