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Just to clarify: I am alive. I’ve not dropped off the face of the earth since NaNo. In fact, I’ve been a super busy bee and have attended tons of classes, finished all my assignments on time (and passed with flying colours), written a bunch of short stories, and entertained my American boyfriend who is… Continue reading Stories, Americans, CHEESE and mostly cheese.

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The Ambivalent Soldier

Author: Willow From: LiveJournal Topping: Whipped Cream Flavours: Honey-nut: #25. When you say one thing, the clever person understands three. Title: The Ambivalent Soldier Rating: G Word Count: 559 Summary: Thorn has risen high within the ranks of the elfin army though some still believe this is a mistake. In all honesty, Thorn agrees with… Continue reading The Ambivalent Soldier

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Meet Marek!

Author: Willow From: LiveJournal Topping: Whipped Cream Flavours: Black Raspberry #6: fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Honey Nut #26: better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Title: Meet Marek Rating: G Word count:1,495 Summary: Quinn has started his dream course at university. He feels like such an adult!… Continue reading Meet Marek!

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Pride and Prejudice and Manlove

Author: Willow From: LiveJournal Pairing: Darcy/Bingley Chapter: 1 Rating: G Word Count: 879 Notes: In one of my classes, we are studying Pride and Prejudice, which is wonderful because I adore it! Our Professor posed the challenge last lesson, however, to rewrite P&P, e.g. change the setting, the gender roles, the relationships etc. So, I’ve… Continue reading Pride and Prejudice and Manlove

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Son of a Legend

Author: Willow From: LiveJournal Flavours: Mango #9 your attention, please. Topping: Rainbow Sprinkles Extra: fresh blueberries Story: Pale Faces Title: Son of a Legend Rating: G Word Count: 531 Summary: Alex dramatically tells the trees a story of Tashvanhai’s most feared robber. “Deep in the forests of Tashvanhai, the home our element Earth, prowls a… Continue reading Son of a Legend

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The Beginning of Zack and Cloud

Author: Willow From: LiveJournal Title: The Beginning Pairing: Zack/Cloud Rating: G Word Count: 787 Disclaimer: If only I could claim Zack and Cloud. If only. BUT ALAS! To Squeenix they do belong instead! Summary: The first time Zack ever met Cloud he was six years old...and there was a lot of paint! AU -uber fluff… Continue reading The Beginning of Zack and Cloud

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White Chocolate #22, Green Tea #10 and Whipped Cream

My first spur entry for Runaway_Tales because I really want to get into it! It's a really helpful writing idea. Author: Willow Flavours: White Chocolate #22: lethargy and Green Tea #10: Summer Topping: Whipped Cream Story: A short side fic from my screenplays 'Insatiable' and 'It Just Got Hotter' Title: Lazy Summers Rating: G Word… Continue reading White Chocolate #22, Green Tea #10 and Whipped Cream