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Getting published: part three

I'm procrastinating by writing this post, let me just put that out there. Click here to read part one and part two. I didn't make the November 1st deadline. Once I figured out how to fix the big problems of my story, I worked day and night, every day, to meet the target. But hey, I… Continue reading Getting published: part three

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Epic Cheap: 50% Off Editing Special

For the first time in three years, my schedule is completely blank until mid September. I’m actively looking for new manuscripts to edit, and I’d like to aggressively slash my prices. My rates are never this cheap, so I strongly encourage you to act fast because my inbox gets flooded every time I do this. […]… Continue reading Epic Cheap: 50% Off Editing Special

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#NaNoWriMo day 9 and we’re still hunting a fucking snake

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Somewhere, I know there is a light. A light I might not be able to see at the moment, but a blazing olympic torch nonetheless. My 'professor' has decided to bring forward a few script deadlines to give us a 'taste of the working world'.… Continue reading #NaNoWriMo day 9 and we’re still hunting a fucking snake