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Getting Published: part two

Belatedly following on from my last publishing post, about how I met an agent willing to give me and my novel a chance, it's time I updated on what happened next. So, after our feedback meeting, Suresh gave me a couple of big plot points and changes to think about: Maybe cut a character (I'm thinking: I… Continue reading Getting Published: part two

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Getting Published: Part One

FIRST DATE WITH AN AGENT I've done it. I've started the journey to publishing my novel, or at least come closer to the dream than ever before. I've studied publishing as an industry, I've been an editor for four years for a digital publisher, but I've not managed to publish my own work—yet. So, I… Continue reading Getting Published: Part One

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Hey Writers, What’s Stopping You? (via Stigmata Script)

I always love this argument, because so many writers I know make excuses as to why they cannot write or have no time to write. The fact of the matter is, very seldom is it impossible to write. I really love Stephen King's autobiographical memoir on the craft of writing, appropriately titled On Writing. The… Continue reading Hey Writers, What’s Stopping You? (via Stigmata Script)