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Orange Squids, Killer Ghosts and Filming a Film

Hello! It's been a while and I do apologise. I've been writing all over the internet but now is the time to share the fruits of my labour. I'm here to tell you about an awesome website run by squidmasters, praise Maureen Johnson's latest book and how one of our uni assignments is to film… Continue reading Orange Squids, Killer Ghosts and Filming a Film

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Every day I’m DUMBLIN’

I'm a busy cake. I'll be posting about the wonders of Yevon Script and Squidoo soon. I simply had to share this as I didn't want to shove it on my 'Willow?' page like a cluster-bomb of images. If you cannot dance like the Dumbledoor you are not invited to next week's party. This is… Continue reading Every day I’m DUMBLIN’