A Writer’s Guide to Building a Steampunk World

FOREWORD: I'm currently moving a lot of my articles from Squidoo over to my blog as Squidoo has declared almost all of my articles as spam. This is one of them. I've decided to totally migrate to my blog because I'm sick of fighting my corner on their site. Create an Authentic Feeling Enviroment One… Continue reading A Writer’s Guide to Building a Steampunk World

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Covers for my novels – let’s take a break

Oh, the editing process. How I love and loath it all at once. It's like trying to glue worms together into a pretty neat line but their slippery skin keeps shrugging off all the glue. On good days, it's like shooting rainbows from a cat-cannon. It's fun, except for the part where it drives you… Continue reading Covers for my novels – let’s take a break

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Steampunk Snobbery

Through my travels into the world of steampunk and its not-quite-so-easy-to-grasp definition, I've discovered a shameful stereotype surrounding its followers. Steampunk fans are snobs. I'm embarrassed to learn that this is, for the most part, true. I've never been particularly fond of forums, nor have I cared to stalk other people's activity. I just don't… Continue reading Steampunk Snobbery

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Orange Squids, Killer Ghosts and Filming a Film

Hello! It's been a while and I do apologise. I've been writing all over the internet but now is the time to share the fruits of my labour. I'm here to tell you about an awesome website run by squidmasters, praise Maureen Johnson's latest book and how one of our uni assignments is to film… Continue reading Orange Squids, Killer Ghosts and Filming a Film


I LIIIIIIIIVE! (This is Sparta)

I have officially survived and completed my first year at university. Wow. I didn't expect it to feel this anticlimactic. They really shouldn't organise for five deadlines to be in the same week. I haven't slept, by the way. I've just done an all night-er in order to complete my last (and worst) essay of… Continue reading I LIIIIIIIIVE! (This is Sparta)