If You Say You Don’t Collect, I Won’t Believe You!

I’m pretty sure the majority of us collect something. Ranging from software, hardware, fine china, yards of fabric, pillows, plushies, or books – there’s a collector in all of us. Some people are pretty adamant that they don’t collect anything, but the harder they think, sometimes they start to realise that, actually, oh shit…I Collect A Thing.

cat in trunk by alexas-fotos

Photo by Alexas_Fotos

Collecting is like comfort eating. It’s a pat on the back for hard work, or a general sense of self-gratification. Some of us only collect stuff because we can’t resist a good bargain, so we collect eclectically try saying that ten times fast , others just really like the shape and glow of glass bottles (i.e: myself) and seeing an aesthetic grow in size. Some of us know when “enough glass bottles is enough,” aaaaaand some of us will never get enough.

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