Make a Private Wikia for Your Novel!

Many writers have a large notebook or digital file affectionately called their “Writing Bible”. It contains everything they need to remember—details about their characters, plotting, locations, fictional races, ancient history, research—you get the idea.

I’ve always been one of those writers who puts it down by hand in an A4 notebook with a rainbow of tabs. Eye colour, height, hair colour, background, beliefs—all on paper, because I hate trying to wade through a digital word-dump even if it does have “ctrl+F”—I’m fussing about presentation and organisation.

On numerous occasions, I have been SUPER TEMPTED to start Wikia pages for my novels, to insert links to other relevant pages, to set out section dividers, pictures and collected information sections.



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6 Ways for Writers to Procrastinate and Still be Productive!


art by yasmeanie

Writing a novel or a short story is challenging at the best of times. There’s plot holes to consider, bathrooms to be cleaned, food to be eaten and, sometimes, motivation to be found.

I’ve been writing novels for the past seven years and yet I still suffer from chronic procrastination. When my Deadline disappears I turn into a Twitter dwelling, PS2-gaming, clean freak – anything but writing. This is stupid, because I don’t just love writing, I adore it.

So, over the past seven years I’ve taught myself to avoid writing by writing or crafting other things. Like right now (I should be planning another essay). In this lens I’ll share with you 5 ways to procrastinate and still make progress on developing your novel, short story or writing skills. No magic needed.

1. Mood Boards
staring at your wall can now be productive

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