The Invention of Wings

A Court of Books of Bullshit - book 2 Willow here. If you read our last post about The Goddess in the Machine, then you'll know I devoured it in less than two weeks, while it took Lauren the full four. Despite her jesting that I'd read the next one just as quickly, it was… Continue reading The Invention of Wings


The Goddess In The Machine & The Chapter In Binary

If you're here just because you want the binary chapter translation - skip to the SPOILER WARNING heading! From Lora Beth Johnson's instagram. Lauren here - seasoned member of the month-old Court of Books and Bullshit club, cousin of Willow and book-lover usually lacking the commitment to actually, well, read. Book one on our list… Continue reading The Goddess In The Machine & The Chapter In Binary


A Court of Books and Bullshit

The thought of someone else choosing books for me to read has always seemed horrifying. I’ve never joined a book club for this reason. There are so many books out there – I will never read all the ones I have chosen for myself, let alone what a group chooses. So, naturally, I’m starting a… Continue reading A Court of Books and Bullshit