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Mass Effect: What Would A Matriarchy Look Like? 

Mass Effect is a great game series but it failed to create a non-gendered alien race, let alone a matriarchal one. To be honest, I struggle to realistically imagine the full depth of what a matriarchal society would look like. In the context of Mass Effect, it means looking at the evolution of humanity without men, let alone… Continue reading Mass Effect: What Would A Matriarchy Look Like? 

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Post-Mass Effect 3 [SPOILERS]

I feel like someone has died. Technically, someone has. A virtual person, true, but someone who meant a lot to me. Someone who was surrounded by people who meant even more to me. Commander Shepard. Paige Shepard's ending of Mass Effect 3 has burned my heart. It's like someone has stuck their hand into my… Continue reading Post-Mass Effect 3 [SPOILERS]