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Birth By Sleep: review

It’s 3:15AM. Why am I awake, you ask? Well, I have just played two hours of Birth By Sleep (BBS) for the PSP. There are no spoilers in this.

Now, Let me first state before I go any further, I am not an avid Kingdom Hearts (KH) fan; but I have seriously been trying to like it for the past however many years. If you’re a fan, know this entry will end positively.

I have tried to play KH1. I tried, honest to God, I tried; in fact, I’m still trying to play it. Every so often I’ll feel a bought of zeal like, “yeah let’s love this game!” but omg. The battle system is horrid. The gummie-ship is a joke. The travelling-between-worlds-experience is the shittiest navigation system since Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars (except Star Fox was fun). The levels are stupidly, stupidly hard for simpletons like me who play RPGs for the, you know, role-playing and not constant hack and slash. And last but not least, I could not give a flying frack about any of the characters. Well, except Riku, but he’s not in it enough for me to want to keep playing.

For me, therein lies the biggest fault. Riku, Squall and Cloud are the only ones I care about in KH1 – Cloud and Squall slightly redundant because I know and love them from Final Fantasy (FF) VII and VIII (here be the FF nerd). Also, Squall has hysterically dirty lines in KH if you read them wrong.

So moving on…

KH2, again, I’ve watched some gameplay because I thought: at least I personally won’t have to deal with the crappy battlesystem. Nah, I didn’t have a clue what was going on and I still didn’t care.

Which brings me to Birth By Sleep (cause let’s be honest. There’s no way I was going to, or ever will, touch Chain of Memories or 358/2 Days). I saw the trailers and thought, ‘well, it’s definitely pretty and the producers/animators have been watching gmvs for scene transitions, but there is no way I’m attempting to play it,’ when – hold on – ‘did I just see Zack Fair?’

Good. Heavens. Don’t get me started on how much I love Zack Fair, from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. I would travel the world, steal the Enterprise, defeat the Cylons and heal all the Nobodies just to meet Zack-freakin-Fair. My heart; it’s throbbing.

When I found out that not only is Zack Fair in BBS but that BBS is the prequel to the series (so I don’t have to know the KH plots) I bought it as soon as I could.

It’s amazing.

The scenes draw great parallels from the original games (mind-fuck) and the artwork is super smooth. I guess this is even more enjoyable to die-hard fans because I can tell the game makes a lot of hints at Sora, Roxas and Riku, but I don’t know enough to appreciate these moments. Roxas: who? Ansem: never met the first one let alone the alleged others! But I digress.

As pointed out by my cousin (a die-hard fan), who watched me play the first 25 minutes over my shoulder, the music is slightly jazzed up but very nostalgic, which works well. My cousin left before the music got super good but it has a bouncy, enrapturing quality. The boss battle music is hilariously J-Pop. Je adore.

The main characters themselves are, at first glance, an imitation of the original three; but! they are thankfully not the same after all. Sure, the same archetypes have been churned out and Terra is wanking on about the same tripe as Riku – but you know what, I care about him – and that’s all I’ve ever wanted from KH in the first place. I know there’s a good story to be told (somewhere) but who is Sora and why should I care? >_O

Aqua. Damn. Not only is she hot but she is A GREAT, NOT IRRITATING, FEMALE LEAD – OMGWHUT? Her voice actress, Willa Holland, is also fantastic. She has an earthy, mature voice, which definitely helps.

Terra, on the other hand, geeeh… His voice actor, Jason Dohring, is not bad but I personally know amateur voice actors who could do a better job. Dohring has potential, that’s for sure. Ven, however…

Jesse McCartney voices Ventus. Well, I guess I got used to it. At first, I was concerned because his diction was so poor, but either I got used to it quick or McCartney improved between recording the prologue and the opening chapter. I’d like to think it was the latter.

The set-up is divided into three chunks so far, but I’m guessing it will eventually be four. You play each character from the beginning of their story to the end, no swapping in between, and then figure out the plot holes by slotting all three storylines together; which I personally love the idea of and am keen to amalgamate. The fourth chunk will be the wrap-up when all three have a stand-off or something. I’m stabbing in the dark here; I’ve only played two hours remember. I’ve started with Terra’s story because dislike Ventus and adore Aqua, so I’m saving her for last. Despite the familiar Riku-characteristics, I am becoming quite fond of Terra in his own right.

Onto gameplay: super fun. Enough said. I enjoy it, and that’s a first. Also, save points restore all health – YES! One thing though, I’m still confused as to how you are meant to level up, equip and ‘meld’ abilities. I feel they looked at Final Fantasy X and thought, “we can do that; but sleeker!” Well, it’s definitely shiny but the simplicity of the design was lost somewhere… Maybe I’m just a moron.

Travelling between worlds: fucking bliss. I gasped with glee at how clean, simple, wooshy and fun space travel is in this instalment. Good God, it’s wonderful. You can whizz around space storms for as long or as little as you like, and not get lost.

So to wrap this up: the battlesystem, like any game, requires a little getting used to but certainly works. Space travel no longer makes me stressed. The new heartless designs are familiar but nicely redone. The voice acting is as balanced with good and bad actors/lines as it ever was. The music is wonderful and the plot actually progresses. But best of all, I love the new characters; Aqua still at the top.

It looks like I’m not just playing this for baby-Zack anymore. Well done, Squeenix. It’s now 4:30AM.

Come back next time to see Willow kick herself in the mouth for everything she said in this amateur review! *thumbs up*

3 thoughts on “Birth By Sleep: review”

  1. I probably should’ve just posted everything here instead of ranting to you on Skype, ahaha but I totally agree with your opinions on the KH1. I didn’t realize how bad the battle system was because I got it when it first came out, but going back to it I was just like, holy crap wtf. The camera angles especially were absolutely HORRID.

    The only good thing that came out of Kh1, to me, was fanfiction. Squall x Yuffie pairing is my OTP. XDD Oh and Riku. Because I love Riku. If he had been the main character and if we had followed his story, it would’ve been so much more interesting. Kairi had absolutely no personality and was terribly useless, and I just wanted to punch Sora in the face. I know nothing about either of them, or why Sora is this Chosen One. When Riku was supposed to be originally. Just AHHHH. And Kh2 Riku, he had a super sexy character design, but I was just. What is going on with you plot wise. Just what.

    Ahaha, either way it looks like I’ll need to get a PSP sometime and pick up this game. X3 ❤


    1. To Shudo: Oh, the camera angles. Don’t get me started on the CAMERA ANGLES! *foams at the mouth with rabid frustration*

      See, I can’t even stand to watch many KH gmvs, let alone read fanfiction (again, lack of character-empathy). I’ve only read one KH fic of Roxas/Axel, sent to me by my cousin because the writer was wonderful. The fact that SquallxYuffie is your /OTP/ makes my day. I do agree that Riku should have been the main character; but at the same time; people might have just remaned him Cloud lol

      No body is the Chosen One as far as I’m concerned because EVERYONE can use a bloody keyblade. Hence: redundant term. XD KH2 plot I have no idea either. My cousin explains it to me from start to finish every so often, but yeah…

      Dude, I bought a PSP purely to play Crisis Core; dooo iiiiit. I actually prefer the PSP out of all the handheld consoles to date, but that’s just my opinion.


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