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Details on what is expected to be the biggest march of the year:

Saturday 26 March 2011

On Saturday 26 March, students, trade union members and supporters will unite in central London to continue the campaign against the coalition Governments savage programme of cuts to education and the public service.

NUS is standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with trade unions to fight against the spending cuts that will inevitably cause huge damage to public services – putting more than a million out of work and creating huge barriers for future generations.

What’s the purpose of the march?

The demonstration will aim to give a national voice to all those affected by the cuts. This will be a huge event that in its breadth and support shows just how much opposition there is to the government’s programme. It will bring together public service workers, those who depend on good public services, those involved in national campaigns and those who are defending what is special in their own community.

To show that people reject the argument that there is no alternative. Of course the recession did damage to our economy. But these deep rapid cuts are not the best way to solve our problems, and may well make them worse.

Where is the march and rally taking place?

The march will gather on Victoria Embankment from 11.00am, and will finish at Hyde Park by 1.30pm where a rally will take place.

Why is this important?

These cuts will hit the vulnerable, damage communities and undermine much of what holds us together as a society. Ministers say there is no alternative, despite evidence to the contrary. It is up to us to show our opposition to these moves that will cause huge damage to education and our economy.

Join us on Saturday 26 March

We hope to see you there, supporting public service workers and continuing the battle for a fairer education system.

More details of the march:

Transport information – including coach drop off points
March route and rally venue
Promotional material
All the information you could ever want

If you have any questions please contact or Willow Wood (the writer of Lemon City III) at





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