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Writing, the countryside, fan art and bugger it.

I’m afraid I am going to bail out of giving my subjective report on the 26th of March; simply because it was super boring. I have nothing amazing to tell you other than we walked slower than a snail on sleeping pills for six hours through London. The only cool things to report are (A) over 500,000 people turned up, (B) there was so much noise around me I couldn’t hear properly when I got home and (C) the anarchists threw paint bombs at the Ritz Hotel. Eh-heheheheheheheh.

Well, and they threw sign posts too.

As you can see, Piccadilly was well guarded.
How cool is this picture? It’s only a bonfire, by the way, not London streets aflame. I don’t think the anarchists would burn down London JUST yet. Boo to riot police.

I’m now home for the Easter holidays and boy, it feels good. I’ve missed the countryside. As much as I don’t dislike living in the city, there’s no where in England quite like Dorset. OK, so the Lake District is gorgeous, too, but sssh. I’ve spent my morning out in the fields trying to write. The weather is at last warm and wonderful, just as it should be.

Tip for authors: see lots of sunlight. It makes you happy and, let’s face it, all writers need to feel happy lest the insanity claims them at an early age. Yes, insanity is inevitable. Accept your fate now, dedicated writer.

Fan Art
What with my dossier being done, Reflective Log handed in, script nearly completed and rehearsals started, I decided to take a week break from work and concentrate on a other creative skills. It’s been a long time since I did much drawing, especially having finished my A-Levels (I studied art for 6th Form/college). When I put my mind to it or feel like “I have to”, I’m almost certain I can draw anything. So, lately I’ve put out fan-art requests on Twitter. Anything people want of their favourite characters, I’ll draw it. It’s been great fun and now that I have my colouring pencils I can start to finish them up.

Character Vivi with a moogle
Willow and Tobi XD
Character: Vivi again
Character: Cloud Strife

Requests are still open. ^_^

As for writing, my latest piece is called “Second Coming”, which is an alternate explanation for the carnage that happened in ShinRa Electric Power company; a fan fiction. I’m quite proud of it, actually. Short, gory and full of creepy-headless-Jenova.

I’m working on novels all over the place, unsure which one to make my next big project. Some of you might say, why not finish Drown in a Bottle of Keys? As with every NaNoWriMo project, it’s hard to keep up the writing momentum when November ends. I’ll finish it, I just don’t know how. Can we have a Summer November?

Voice Acting
Angelus chapter three is now complete and available for your viewing/listening pleasure, along with a blooper reel. I’d say this is the best chapter we’ve yet produced. Even if you don’t follow the series, I would recommend this chapter to you.

Shudo Ranmaru is now a voice actor for Froxen Blue (WHOOOOO) and the next chapter for that will…happen. Sometime.

Thank you for reading!


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