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We made a film. Yeah, you heard right.

I’m writing this in a whirlwind of panic as Mitch and I prepare to leave for Istanbul while winds of 150 mph threaten to tear in my single glazed windows. By the time you read this, we’ll already be there. Scheduled post for the win!

So, this is just a quick update. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have heard about this a little bit more than on my blog. I’m a Screenwriting student (or was? I just finished. Is it past tense already?) and one of our units has been to write a script, grab all the things we can and film it.

What a crazy project and what a lot of fun. I’ve gained an appreciation for lighting technitians and now understand just how difficult it is for sound technitians. I’m mostly thrilled that I’m going to be graded on my video editing hobby. I got to utilise one of my chill-out hobbies for a university piece. Hells yeah.

So, here’s a film and a blooper real:




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