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Breaking Dawn Parody by The Hillywood Show

What’s actually great about this parody, and the reason I’m sharing it with you, is that it is not offensive to fans of Twilight, the actors or the author. This is a genuinely funny and gorgeously filmed piece of entertainment that doesn’t seek to bully anyone.

That has been my discrepency with the ‘the whole Twilight thing’. It’s not that it’s a regressive story line, it’s not that it has a shit ending, it’s not even that some of the fans are quite scary; it’s the staggering amount of mistreatment towards those who dare to like it and the bullying of Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson. It makes me furious. I’m not going to write an essay on how sickening Western culture can be in its mass media spitefullness, I just wanted to share this with you and point out its acheivement. Enjoy!


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