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Art I Couldn’t Resist From Artist Alley

MCM London Comic Con is already behind us, but as per, it’s Artist Alley I always loved the most. Fandom art and original beauties await! This year I took my partner along as a photographer, and both of us spent most of our money on art we can’t hang up yet because we don’t have a house. But here are some of our favourite creatives:

Wei Li Wonka

I was not only excited to discover Wei Li’s art but touched to meet such an excitable young lady. My eye was especially drawn to her tea collection – people bathing in teaware/wearing tea cups. I love tea and work in a tea house; I now wear Wei Li’s badges to work! Her style is soft and delicate, sometimes pastely, sometimes stark and bold. It has an air of innocence and wonder, much like the artist herself, and I will certainly be procuring more of her art.


Find Wei Li on her blog, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Zee Arts Stuff

Zee (friends with Wei Li and who often share a table together at conventions) has an afinity for Evee evolutions from Pokemon, and so does my boyfriend – it’s no surprise he wanted to buy all of her badges. Her art ranges from fandom to fandom with a vibrant wash of colours, rich shading, and sometimes simpler, more adorable styles. I want all of her sticker sets.

Nab yourself some lushious fan art and find her on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.


Originally a tumblr blog of short comics and moving pictures, TheFuzzBalls feature relateable little stories of adorable cats, rabbits, and tigers. We weren’t the only cat lovers who couldn’t resist their stand. The drawings are simple in design, vibrant to look at, and feature a sweet sense of humour. We bought necklaces, t-shirts, stickers and badges. We may well end up with the whole collection one day.

The team themselves are as lovely as their artwork; absolutely helpful beyond dealing with their own products, and a pleasure to talk to. Find them on Tumblr, Twitter, Etsy and Facebook.


Lissy Raine

I met Lissy for the first time last May and was pleasantly captured by her cheerfulness. I was looking for something in my bag when she called out, “Is that Attack on Titan? I love your bag!” I left Lissy’s table with two of her prints, which now hang either side of my Bloodshot Buck moodboard for inspiration. Her work is nerdy, and colourful, and ranging in tone. Cute, sinister, bold, or detailed, Lissy has something for everyone. I need to get me a print of her Dragon Age II Anders drawing and her sparkly-eyed cat pillow!

Explore and buy Lissy’s work on: Tumblr, Twitter, deviantART, redbubble, and her website.

Destiny Blue

I’ve been inspired by DestinyBlue for so many years now. I remember when she first attended Comic Con at a table, not a booth, and her artwork still inspires my writing to this day. Her work is ethereal, filled with the universe, layered with emotional auras and imagery. Her style is instantly recognisable; everyone can connect with her themes. I look at DestinyBlue’s art and I see a hundred stories. Destiny herself is absolute sweetness and always smiling when she greets you. Destiny has a special place in my heart, and (eventually) in my house.

Love on DestinyBlue at Facebook, deviantART, Tumblr, Twitter and Storenvy.

Beastly Beverages

Delicious, creative, fandom inspired hot beverages! Beastly Beverages blends tea leaves and coffee with fruits, flowers, herbs and oils to create wonderful infusions. I’ve been buying Gabriel’s teas gradually over the years and I’ve never been disappointed. This year, Gabriel had vintage tea-cup-candles with Earl Grey tea leaves in the wax, potion-like glass bottles filled with Earl Grey leaves that you steep in gin, and flowering tea. We had to buy one of each as well as stock up on infusion packets. I’ve finally gotten around to subscribing to Beastly Beverages patreon, too. When I have more money, I want to upgrade from a $20 subscription to at least $40 – so worth it, but money! D:

Find yourself some tasty infusions on the websitePatreon and Twitter.

Photos by Aaron Gaffney.


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