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Inkarnate Review • Make your own D&D maps

Sometimes, you just want a pretty picture to actualise the image you’re trying to conjure in your players’ minds. This can be difficult when describing continents or large cities. Sometimes, everybody just wants a sense of scale and location.

I struggled to find a website that would let me create a beautiful map for free. D&D can become an expensive hobby if you enjoy props like I do, and you just don’t want to pay through the nose for something that’s not really necessary, but certainly nice. You want cheap, I want cheap, but you don’t want it to feel cheap.

Inkarnate ticked all my boxes. I managed to make something decent out of all of its free assets. I couldn’t believe it!

first draft denmoria

Once you get a taste for Inkarnate’s possibilities and how easy it is to use, I was like okay fine so how much is premium?

$25 for the whole year are you kidding me? THAT’S AMAZING.

Ja, so for $25, that’s about £20 right now, you get access to all the extra beautiful art tokens. Twenty pounds. For. The year. Whoa. Here’s how I upgraded my world map once I subscribed to premium:

Map of Denmoria - updated mar 2020

My players love looking at this to orientate themselves, and I sure as heck love showing it to them. Inkarnate both saves me time (ugh, hand-drawing maps) and consumes my time, (whoo, map-making!). I get sucked into playing around with the tools and features, trying to make them work for me.

You can also upload your own tokens. If you have the perfect image for your citadel, upload it and stick it down. No one’s stopping you. To emphases how happy I am, please see how I transformed my scrappy diagram into a lovely map:


Tucapon - inkarnate map

One hell of a difference, right?

That’s all I have to say, really. Thank you, Inkarnate, for offering a fantastic toolset for such a reasonable price. Now go, live your best fantasy life! Make those maps, my friend.


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