Thoughtful Book-nerd Gift

“I WISH I could listen to audiobooks on my very long commute to work,” I lament to Lauren the night of her birthday. We’re talking about the last book on our reading list – Winter by Marissa Meyer. Since I raved about the audio of Cress in our last review, Lauren got the finale on Audible too.

I explain that my car stereo has no Bluetooth, no aux, no cassette tape, and the quote to replace my radio was £300.

“Does it have a cigarette lighter?” she asks.


“I’m coming to your rescue! I’ll send a gadget back with Grandma.”

Sure enough, when Grandmama returns from visiting the birthday girl, she’s got a beautiful package for me.

I thought the beautiful and thoughtful packaging was the height of it. But oh no. Lauren is a creative cutie. I open the package and I’m surprised when I tip the object into my hand…

I gleefully unroll the woollen string to reveal the top-secret letter.

HOW ADORABLE IS THIS? Not only has she given me a Bluetooth radio device, but she’s wrapped it up like it’s a gift from the heroine of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. 😻

Thank you, Lauren. I love you.


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