Who’s Willow?

I have great fears. I’m terrified of guns. I’m terrified of heights, so I write about bridge-builders and gunfighters.

Willow H. Wood is the real name of a real person who does too much. She’s been an associate editor and narrator for Big World Network for four years, and a voice actor in a variety of projects. She’s a journalist for MYM Buzz at London Comic Con, where she interviews voice actors, game developers, TV stars and more. She’s also been a news writer for The Gallifrey Times!

To be honest, Willow just wants to write sci-fi/fantasy novels and speak in silly voices until she dies. She’s currently trying to learn how to crochet little cats. If you follow her on instagram you’ll see countless photos of her actual cat, Kupo, and artsy shots of tea, because she’s a tea merchant in order to pay the bills. Willow has so many tins of tea it’s like an extravaganza when friends come over.

  • Screenwriting graduate
  • Hufflepuff House
  • Loves video-games
  • Is a misophonia fruit-loop
  • Feminist
  • Hiccups every other hour, every day



8 thoughts on “Who’s Willow?

    • MG Waffle? Really? What are you, a ganagster now? Rap it up, mum. You know where it’s at. XD I jest, I jest. I did have a pink elephant once upon a time though. Natasha made it for me! Don’t know where it went, however…


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  2. Before I forget or get sidetracked (insert other excuses here), I wanted to let you know that the collective blog I write for (The Sarcastic Muse) recently accepted the Very Inspirational Blogger award. Each member chose two nominations, and you were one of my choices. So, I don’t know if you participate in the blog awards thing, but if you’re interested, you can find the guidelines in our acceptance post here: http://thesarcasticmuse.com/2014/08/16/huge-thank-you/ 🙂 Thanks for your informative posts!


    • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Michelle. I’ve never imagined that I’d get anything like this ever, especially as my blog is such a melting pot of topics. I appreciate the thoughtful gesture. I hope I continue to produce content that is helpful/interesting to you. Have a wonderful day. 🙂


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