Who’s Willow?

I have great fears. I’m terrified of guns. I’m terrified of heights, so I write about bridge-builders and gunfighters.

Willow Wood is the real name of a real person who does too much. She’s been an associate editor and narrator for Big World Network for four years, and a voice actor in a variety of projects. She publishes essays for fun – because she’s a sucker for academic breakdowns on geek culture – and she’s a journalist for MYM Buzz at London Comic Con, where she interviews voice actors, game developers, TV stars and more.

She interned for a dental and medical publishing house as a journalist and sub-editor. She was once a news writer for The Gallifrey Times and wrote articles for AnimePicks.

To be honest, Willow just wants to write sci-fi/fantasy novels and speak in silly voices until she dies.

She now works in a tea house serving loose leaf tea in a variety of teapots.

  • Screenwriting graduate
  • Hufflepuff House
  • Loves to game
  • Is a misophonia fruit-loop
  • Feminist
  • Hiccups every other hour, every day

Co-Author of BLOODSHOT BUCK with Mitch K. Allan ❤




8 thoughts on “Who’s Willow?

    • MG Waffle? Really? What are you, a ganagster now? Rap it up, mum. You know where it’s at. 😄 I jest, I jest. I did have a pink elephant once upon a time though. Natasha made it for me! Don’t know where it went, however…


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  2. Before I forget or get sidetracked (insert other excuses here), I wanted to let you know that the collective blog I write for (The Sarcastic Muse) recently accepted the Very Inspirational Blogger award. Each member chose two nominations, and you were one of my choices. So, I don’t know if you participate in the blog awards thing, but if you’re interested, you can find the guidelines in our acceptance post here: http://thesarcasticmuse.com/2014/08/16/huge-thank-you/ 🙂 Thanks for your informative posts!


    • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Michelle. I’ve never imagined that I’d get anything like this ever, especially as my blog is such a melting pot of topics. I appreciate the thoughtful gesture. I hope I continue to produce content that is helpful/interesting to you. Have a wonderful day. 🙂


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