A Headful of Skye is a speculative fiction (soft sci-fi) novel. It’s also my debut novel! I’m so proud to finally hold this in my hands, and you can too! Available to buy [HERE].

Doctor Mayu Shirakawa treats coma victims by entering their dreams. Until the process failed her husband. Despite her grief, she knows the project saves lives, and that’s why Mayu agrees to fight for it. Her next patient, 11-year-old Skye, seems the perfect candidate to rescue her sinking business.

But when Mayu enters Skye’s dreams, she finds the girl is hiding a secret far bigger than either of them realise. Violent forces in the waking world want answers. If they ever want to wake up again, they must journey through imagination and the nightmares of their past.

Mayu is caught between duty and grief, integrity and corruption. Now she must decide how to embrace life if she wants to save Skye’s future.

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As Knight Follows Day
is a short romantic-fantasy story. It’s a prequel story featuring one of the characters in my latest WIP novel.

Her mother lies dying from an unknown illness. Melos’ powers of divination suggest the cure can be found with a demon in the Jade Stone Forest and she will get it, by force if necessary. As an heir to the Empire, however, Knight Protector Gaia is not letting Melos go anywhere so dangerous by herself.

As Melos watches the people she loves slip between her fingers, she must dig deep to find the power within to save them. Power that terrifies everyone. Everyone, but the Knight Protector.

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My first publication is an online serial novel, Bloodshot Buck, co-authored with Mitch K. Allen. A fantasy-sci-fi story about space marines who’re trained to use their blood in combat. Mitch and I intend to totally redraft the story for paperback publication. BigWorldNetwork, who it was published with, have unfortunately closed down. You were amazing while you lasted BWN!

Humanity is no longer alone, and they’re evolving. Since an alien migrant fleet entered the Local solar system human technology has advanced, their colonies on Mars expanded, but their suspicion and reluctance to share resources with the migrant fleet has never abated.

Alien blood is valuable: powerful. In an attempt at truce, the migrant fleet have agreed to share their DNA with human marine candidates. Those who survive the cellular fusion are now part of a new, space frontier army; trained to kill with a drop of blood.

Eva Buck is among the newest recruits and her induction into the synth army takes a dangerous turn when her instructor, Neni-Lohi, does the unthinkable.


Hikari is a short magical realism story inspired by writers like Margo Lanagan who leave the story pieces open to interpretation but paint a world of colour and mystery.

Ghosts march closer, bringing fire and smoke, threatening those who thrive on the lush green fields and moats of water. Despite the dangers, Miki’s eyes are on the worldtree, dreaming of fighting the enemy, even when the flames get close enough to burn everything she believed to be true.

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Golden Sandals is a short fantasy story inspired by, quite literally, a pair of beautiful golden sandals and women rebelling against living to serve the whims of men.

When Zeus and Ares each planted a daughter in the wombs of mortal women, claiming that their daughters – let alone sons – would be stronger offspring than the other’s, they unleashed a wrath with intentions of its own.

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The Ghost Collector is a short supernatural story about subverting prejudices and believing in the power of objects as time capsules.

Living alone with minimal commitments to friends and family does have some benefits, such as an expensive need to collect antiques and unique crafts. But when Rachael buys Jules Delsart’s original cello, she discovers a treasure with more supernatural allure than she actually ever wanted to own.

Read it HERE! Warning, currently in-progress.