A Court of Books and Bullshit 2022 Reading List

Desktop background by Yuumei - paid for, too! I love her art so much. Willow here. As you can see, I was very prepared to begin our book selection for 2022. After gushing about Winter by Marissa Meyer, our last book of 2021, we got down to the exciting business of suggesting What Next? Without… Continue reading A Court of Books and Bullshit 2022 Reading List


Thoughtful Book-nerd Gift

"I WISH I could listen to audiobooks on my very long commute to work," I lament to Lauren the night of her birthday. We're talking about the last book on our reading list - Winter by Marissa Meyer. Since I raved about the audio of Cress in our last review, Lauren got the finale on… Continue reading Thoughtful Book-nerd Gift

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Cress is apparently a type of lettuce

Look at the Dutch cover by Tara Spruit! Hi there, it's Willow kicking off today's book review. Not only did this once again send me reeling with glee the entire time, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as an audiobook, too. Rebecca Soler ticks every one of my boxes - multiple voices, use of pitch and… Continue reading Cress is apparently a type of lettuce

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Cinderella – the cyborg mechanic in New Beijing

Introducing: MY FAVOURITE BOOK SERIES EVER. Willow here, and let me tell you how much I love the Lunar Chronicles: Not only is book one FANTASTIC, but so is the whole series. I mean, maybe I don't love book two, but for a whole series to be epic? That's rare. Re-reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer… Continue reading Cinderella – the cyborg mechanic in New Beijing

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Look at that book cover. Mmm. Delightful. ❤ Tis Willow leading the review today. My mum actually chose this book for Lauren's birthday (hi Mum). I enjoyed this way more than expected. I'm not sure what made me nervous - probably just the premise "beautiful teen girl living in a world of literally only men"… Continue reading Eve of Man – DON’T WORRY, LADS, SHE’S HOT


The Invention of Wings

A Court of Books of Bullshit - book 2 Willow here. If you read our last post about The Goddess in the Machine, then you'll know I devoured it in less than two weeks, while it took Lauren the full four. Despite her jesting that I'd read the next one just as quickly, it was… Continue reading The Invention of Wings


A Court of Books and Bullshit

The thought of someone else choosing books for me to read has always seemed horrifying. I’ve never joined a book club for this reason. There are so many books out there – I will never read all the ones I have chosen for myself, let alone what a group chooses. So, naturally, I’m starting a… Continue reading A Court of Books and Bullshit


My Best Books of 2020

I managed to write three blog posts this year? Woof. What a year. I'm terrible at remembering dates, like even my own birthday, but I think I'll remember this one. This year I managed to read 48 books! *fanfare noises* Ironically, I read maybe...two books throughout lockdown #1 (in the UK). As it turns out,… Continue reading My Best Books of 2020

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Inkarnate Review • Make your own D&D maps

Sometimes, you just want a pretty picture to actualise the image you're trying to conjure in your players' minds. This can be difficult when describing continents or large cities. Sometimes, everybody just wants a sense of scale and location. I struggled to find a website that would let me create a beautiful map for free.… Continue reading Inkarnate Review • Make your own D&D maps

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Spellcasting FAQs • Dungeons and Dragons

When I first started playing D&D I was utterly baffled about the terminology and descriptions of how to use magic. I avoided it. Some of my players wanted to use magic, so I trusted them to learn their own class. This was a mistake 😆 Whilst they grasped the basics of their class, one player… Continue reading Spellcasting FAQs • Dungeons and Dragons

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Sleep Paralysis: my real nightmare

My face goes slack, I feel my body sinking and locking and I try to shake myself. It happens lightning-quick, this loss of control. [...] HELP! I'm screaming, SHAKE ME! But I can't speak.

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My Best Books of 2019

Hello bibliopals! I didn't just succeed at my reading target this year (to read 25 books), I smashed it (I've read 38 books), whoo! But how many of those would I actually rave about? Here are the few that make my shortlist of best reads in 2019*. *Note: I do not mean published in 2019.… Continue reading My Best Books of 2019

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Shintō: “the way of the gods”

As a writer who, currently, can barely afford her weekly groceries, let alone go jetting off around the world to gain first-hand experiences, I must settle for a lot of research. For years, Japan has been a great source of fascination for me. It's so different from the world I live in. Its cultural beliefs,… Continue reading Shintō: “the way of the gods”

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Dungeons & Dragons is life-saving

Earlier this year, it struck me to the core that my quality of life has changed dramatically for the better because of D&D. It's practically a form of free therapy without ever feeling vulnerable. I even sent a message to my cousin saying, "I don't want to be melodramatic, but I sincerely feel that D&D… Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons is life-saving